My objective with Star Trek was again to try and make the topper really "mesh" with the machine.  I never want my design to seem misplaced or like an add on.  I'm really only satisfied with my work when the topper artwork appears to just be an extension of the pinball machine's artwork.  The other key is not to be overly redundant with the design. I think this design works well and really makes the machine "pop".

     This is the Star Trek topper.  This topper is for both the Pro and LE.
It has 2 levels.  The front level is the enterprise.  The 1st and 2nd levels are
separated by a channel.  A blue glowing cathode light is mounted in the channel.
a 2nd blue LED light is mounted behind the "Federation Of Planets emblem". 
This LED is connected to a control module on back that allows you to set the
light effect.  You may have the LED flash,strobe, flicker, fade in/out or just stay
illuminated all the time.  You may also decide the speed and brightness of the
lighting effect.  This topper has and additional option 2 LED lights mounted. One in
each of the enterprise's engine.  These may be wired to the control module or
left separate so the collector may wire them to the machine's pop bumpers or
flashers themselves.