The topper has 3 levels.  There are 2 trolls in the foreground, followed by the dragon and castle.   Finally there is a fireball explosion in the back.  There is red led lighting in the channel between the trolls and the main body.  There is yellow led lighting illuminating the rear explosion. 

     This is my very first topper design the Medieval Madness. Many of my designs, like this one, contain completely original illustrations.  My main objective with this topper was to design art that would be a worthy accompaniment to already stellar machine.  I have chosen Medieval Madness for my first project because I believe it to be one of the best pinball machines ever built! This pin incorporates great game play, music and artwork.  Brian Eddy and Lyman Sheats did just a spectacular job putting this game together.  John Youssi did an amazing job with the artwork, combining a great mix of excitement and humor in the illustration.  It is just a great combination of talent on this pinball.