I want to thank everyone who has encouraged me during the development of this mod.  A special thank you also to the entire pinball community who has supported both myself and my work over the past few years. - Dan

     After months of hard work and design, this mod is ready to be produced.  I am

very proud of this concept and am happy to now share it with the pinball community. 

I have started the release of this mod with a few main titles that I found most interesting.  I am working on many more designs right now and will be releasing them one by one in the coming months.  I will also have lists of the upcoming titles on this webpage.  You may also join our email list to get updates on new mods when they are released.  Whether your favorite pin is a Stern, Williams/Bally, Sega or Gottlieb, don't worry because chances are I will be making one!

     I've always found the coin slot area to be a "Dead" area on a pinball machine.  This area always seemed to draw my eyes to it instinctively.  Maybe it was the years spent in the arcade as a kid.  This is a great asset to the amusement operator, but as an artist and collector I found it an unnecessary and ugly part of my pins.

     I began working on this concept in late 2014.  Wanting to develop something that was different from most mods, It took me quite a while to make the perfect design.  After several prototypes, a final platform was created to build upon.  I wanted to use this base to incorporate my artwork, unique lighting effects and custom molds. 

       COIN SLOT ART is a brand new pinball mod created by Tilttopper.com.  This is a fully illuminated product  that fits directly over the coin slots on the pinball machine's coin door.  Coin slot art is a 3D mod that features custom made molds, artwork and lighting.  This unique modification connects directly to the machine via the coin slots for simple 12 volt power.  The unit is easily mounted and removed with no damage to the machine.  Coin Slot Art is a great solution to fill that empty coin door area and makes a creative and dynamic accent to any pinball machine.